Animal Communication

Human beings pride themselves on their ability to communicate with words, but nature is communicating all around us without us even realizing it. Through body language, sounds, and energy, animals communicate their needs, preferences, and intentions.

Your pet likely has a lot to say! An animal communicator can assist with negotiating behavioural challenges, helping you understand your pet’s physical and emotional needs, providing your pet’s perspective on a situation, helping you understand your pet’s purpose in life (or your purpose in their life), and assisting you to find peace after a pet passes over the rainbow bridge.

Animal Reiki

Reiki is a complementary health technique that can provide physical, emotional, and behavioural support to animals. An Animal Reiki Practitioner uses the flow of energy to support your pet with issues like arthritis, digestive disorders, post-surgical trauma, anxiety, chronic illness, behavioural challenges, and end-of-life issues. Think of it as a complement to veterinary care, not a stand-alone “cure” or a substitute for it. A Reiki Practitioner never diagnoses, but may provide you with some good energetic data to discuss with your vet on your next visit.

Reiki can be performed in-person, but is just as effective done at a distance.

About Me

Hi! I’m Melanie, a Registered Reiki Professional (for animals and people) and skilled soul-level animal communicator.

From a young age, I have always had a special relationship with animals. When I began keeping bees as a young adult, I noticed that I was able to pick up on the health and mood of the hive just by being present with them. They even began sending me messages in my dreams!

A few years later, when my precious dog passed away, she too sent me special messages in my dreams. I became intrigued in the ability of animals to communicate telepathically, which sparked my interest in learning more about animal communication. Practicing Reiki naturally followed, as both art-forms rely on tuning into and using energy for good!


“10 years of loving my dog and to feel like I had a conversation with him through our session with Melanie is worth a million dollars! I loved our experience, and have been yapping about it non stop to everyone, because I know so many people who love their pets and wish to know their thoughts! Melanie is so kind, and so gifted ❤ I HIGHLY recommend booking a session!!”

-Dina (Dawson)

“I feel like I’m even more connected to my dogs, knowing their deep thoughts. After working with Melanie, Polly just barked, and then looked at me like… oops, sorry!”

-Christal (Polly & Phoebe)

“I found the information helpful in understanding my puppy’s emotional needs and behaviours. Melanie also offered insight into Max’s tummy troubles. I would highly recommend this service. Melanie has a natural talent to talk to animals!”

-Colleen (Max)