I am a Registered Reiki Professional (for animals and people) and skilled soul-level animal communicator.

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Please note that I require at least 24 hours notice to reschedule an appointment. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer refunds. Choose a date and time that work for you and finalize your booking by paying securely via credit card.

**While Reiki and Animal Communication are wonderful complimentary health and well-being modalities, these services are not intended to diagnose, cure, or act as a substitute for veterinary care. If your pet is unwell, please also consult with a licensed veterinarian.**

Animal Communication Sessions

Sessions will be 45 min in length and completed online via Zoom or telephone. I do not need to know any details about your pet except for their name, species, and whether they are alive or have passed away (the less I know the better). You may send me a photo, but this is not necessary.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask your pet some questions as well as receive any information they would like to share with you as their caregiver.

Animal Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions will be approximately 30 minutes and are completed before your appointment with me. You do not need to do anything special as Reiki can be given to your pet regardless of what the animal might be doing. After I complete the Reiki session with them, I will contact you via Zoom or telephone (approximately 15 min call length) to let you know how it went.

I will require your pet’s name, species, a recent photo, and you should indicate any issues you would like me to target.

The goal is to provide relaxation and stress relief for your pet so that their body can be supported to deal with physical and emotional challenges. Since I’m also an animal communicator, sometimes during the session, your pet might take the opportunity provide their perspective on the issues at hand.

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