Are animal communicators psychic?

Well… that really depends what you mean by “psychic.” I don’t use a crystal ball or tarot cards and I can’t predict the future. But I can provide details about how your animal is feeling now. If your animal is lost, I can’t tell you exactly where he is (unless he knows exactly where he is), but I can share details about what he sees around him, which might be helpful for you to locate him. I can’t provide you with a diagnosis (I’m not an MRI machine, or a vet for that matter), but I can help your animal communicate what hurts and what it feels like, which might be helpful information for your holistic vet to know.

Essentially, an animal communicator is able to “speak” to animals, without ever saying a word.

I consider myself to be more telepathic than psychic, but I realize that might just be semantics. I believe that all of us were born with the ability to sense the feelings of others and communicate non-verbally (more so than just reading body language), but this ability gets lost because we don’t practice it.

As children grow, brains want to become more efficient, so they start to develop pathways to make thinking, speaking, and doing easier; and as a result, other not-often used brain processes are quite literally forgotten. It’s one reason why it is so difficult to learn a second languages as adults. Our brains just aren’t primed for it any more. In our society, so much emphasis is placed on verbal communication, that some of the non-verbal skills fade away altogether.

With practice, and lots of focus and meditation, I have re-learned how to connect to the non-verbal universe where our higher selves, souls, or consciousness exists. This universe is all connected through energy. Sometimes it’s harder if I’m distracted or stressed or deeply invested in the outcome (like trying to communicate with my own dog during an emergency), but this is understandable because communicating telepathically requires lots of focus, concentration, and energy management.

Communicating with animals is like having a dream while I’m awake… but it comes in short little “movie” clips, words, sounds, smells, or feelings.

Animals don’t communicate with language like we do, so it follows to reason that they would share information that involves their senses instead. They only share with me what they know to be true, what they think, or how they feel from their perspective. I can help you understand why your dog might be behaving a certain way, how they’re feeling physically, or what they think about the new kitten you brought home. I may also be able to communicate your point of view to them, however as with any relationship, there’s no guarantee that what you think about something will change how they feel.

Because our soul exists beyond life here on Earth (we are really just energy wrapped-up in a physical body), I can also communicate with animals who have passed over the rainbow bridge. I can help them share messages with you and vice versa. Many people experience a profound sense of peace and closure after being able to say goodbye in this way.

There you have it – animal communication in a nutshell! So am I psychic? I guess that’s up to you! I personally think everyone can communicate with animals if they practiced, but that’s a subject for another day!

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