How do animals communicate?

Do you ever wish your pet could talk? People often think of themselves as more evolved than animals because of our ability to communicate with verbal language, but I think we are actually just naive to the importance of other forms of communication. Through body language, sounds, and energy, animals communicate their needs, preferences, and intentions.

Body language

With the flick or wag of a tail, curling of the lips, a change in posture, or putting hackles up, dogs communicate how they are feeling. Other creatures recognize these subtle changes in body language without a second-thought, however, people often miss these cues or misinterpret their meanings. Through observation, one can learn a lot about their pet’s current mood. If you’re a dog parent, check out the Dog Decoder app. It will help you better read what your dog is trying to tell you through its body language.


Birds are a great example of how animals communicate through sound. Did you know that the common American Robin makes at least 7 different calls? I know the timbre of my own dog’s bark sounds categorically different when she’s happy to see me versus when the mailman shows up at the door. Cats also hiss, purr, meow, and make a number of other vocalizations to communicate different things. Check out this interesting article to decode your cat’s sounds!


One thing that all animals have in common is the ability to communicate through telepathic energy. Most people have largely lost this ability, and it continues to erode as we age and conform to society’s expectations. I would maintain that this form of communication is actually the most evolved, yet we humans dismiss it as unreliable or non-credible because we’ve become so bad at using it. Animals, on the other hand, have already learned that words are insufficient and inadequate to convey true meaning and intent.

So how can you cultivate this innate, but little used ability? It involves meditative focus and fine-tuning your intuition, but anyone can do it with practice. I’ll write a more detailed article soon with some concrete examples on how to build your intuitive skills – stay tuned!

In the meantime, as an animal communicator, I can assist with negotiating behavioural challenges, helping you understand your pet’s physical and emotional needs, providing your pet’s perspective on a situation, helping you understand your pet’s purpose in life (or your purpose in their life), and assisting you to find peace after a pet passes over the rainbow bridge. Let me know if you’d like an appointment!

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